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About Us


Our Team

Committed is one word to describe our amazing team of regular and part-time volunteers. We are committed to helping restore California to her Golden State and strengthening the Nation. Along side with top leaders across the country, we are activating for positive change! We take our convictions and values and turn them into action.  Think you would be a good fit? Fill out out volunteer form out and sign up for our newsletter for more information!

Coming Soon: Look for upcoming information on our leadership team! 


Our History

Founded in 2019, seeing a need for energetic revitalization of grassroots politics and movements, we formed our political organization to provide strong, sustainable,  sensible solutions, to include recalls. We are uniting United States Citizens and  Californians with thanks to the many helping hands of our amazing communities!


Our Mission

We stand united, Restoring America Now for future generations, one person, one action, one initiative at a time. Our  members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us make impact,  realizing actual change and restoration. Using data driven models, we  organize, carry out initiatives and influence elections, providing the  populous with their desired  solutions to make a long-lasting difference  as our Founding Fathers envisioned. 

Stay in Touch

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