Signing the Petition:

  • Fill out the County on the "County " line (just above the petition box area) for the appropriate county you are collecting in. 
  • Garner the information: name, residential address, signature, and city and zip code for petition supporters. Ask the petition signers to print neatly and in between the lines so as to not invalidate their petition.  
  • Circulator must fill out all areas of the "declaration" area of the petition,  sign and date the Declaration. This is done after the form is filled by those signing the petition.
  • Pens: Use black or blue ink. We recommend not using gel ink as it tends to smudge if the pens are not quick dry. Fine tip ball point pens are recommended to help encourage small print/and neat text, without extra ink.



Q: Can petitions be on any size of paper, both regular or the longer legal size paper?

A: NO! Petitions must comply with the dimensions approved by the California Secretary of State. Top margin must be 1 inch. Do not shrink or expand the document, the petition should automatically print to scale on a legal size paper, check your printer settings. Be sure to "download" the petition document to your computer prior to printing. If you are unsure, please provide your petition file to a file print center and have them print the file as downloaded. This costs under 20 cents. 

Q. There are two addresses listed for returning petitions. Are they both valid? Which one do I send my petitions to?
A. There is only ONE recall petition, but there are many organizations collecting signatures for the recall effort.  However, only RAN ACTION FUND COMMITTEE IN SUPPORT OF THE RECALL of GAVIN NEWSOM (the committee chaired by Erin Cruz) has set up a petition processing operation to make sure petitions are valid.
We are reviewing each and every petition received to make sure that they have been filled in exactly as prescribed by law. We must ensure we as a people dot every "i" and cross every "t". We have assembled an expert staff to review, evaluate and process all of the petitions that are streaming into our offices.
We will be returning petitions that have errors to the individuals who sent them in to us, along with a form indicating what needs to be corrected before the petition can be sent back to us.
We are the only organization engaging in this kind of thorough review and processing. This is why it is vital for the success of the recall effort that all petitions are sent back to:RAN ACTION FUND, 8690 Aero Drve,  #115-304, San Diego, CA, 92123 - OR dropped off at an approved and OFFICIAL Drop off location (Locations can be found on our "location page")


Q. Are there locations in my county where I can drop off petitions. 

A. Yes, the list will be posted on 9/10/2019! Look for it!

Q. I am having trouble downloading the petition. What should I do?

A. You can find a link to download it from our website below.
Second – Make sure there is not a connection problem between your computer and printer or a technical problems with your printer. See if something else prints out.
If after taking these steps you still cannot download the petition, please email us at: with PETITION WON'T PRINT in the subject line, and we will email you a copy of the petition.

Q. What is the deadline for petitions? How long do we have to collect and submit signatures?

A. It is important for you to send (or drop off your petition at your county drop off location) your completed petitions in as soon as possible. That gives us time to check them for accuracy and gives you time to correct any mistakes if necessary.
Recall petitions are officially turned in on a regular basis. Lets show the politicians in Sacramento we are serious about bringing actionable change. We would appreciate your sending what you have collected on a weekly basis.

The final day for us to collect and submit signatures to qualify the recall effort is Thursday, February 13, 2020, which means we have approximately 160 days to gather 1,495,709 (12% of the 12,464,235 votes cast in the last election for Governor).  Valid signatures must be obtained from at least five counties and in each of those counties must equal at least 1% of the last vote for Governor.

Our goal is to try and help collect the 1,495,709 signatures well before the deadline.

Q. I have many people who want to sign the petition, but they live in different counties. Do I need a separate petition for people who live in different counties?

A. YES! Each petition printed can only contain signatures for people living in the ONE county identified in the section designated on the petition. If you look at the middle of the petition page, just above the signature box, you will see a place to enter the county of the signatures gathered. It is important to fill this in (many people overlook this section) and make sure the signatures on that page come ONLY from registered voters residing within that county.
If you have someone from another county, just print out another petition form and have them sign it with the name of their county designated on the form. Either you or that person can then fill out and bottom and sign as the circulator. You can be the circulator no matter where you are a registered voter in California; you don’t have to be in the same county as the signers of the petition.

Q. Can I make photocopies of the petition form?

A. Absolutely! But printed is best. Just be sure the copy is totally clean and neat and is made from an original (printed) petition. Remember: ONLY PHOTOCOPY COMPLETELY BLANK PETITIONS. Do not photocopy a petition that has ANY writing on it – even if it is just the county section. The photocopy must be made from a perfectly blank petition. Also, do not write or print anything on the back of the petition.

Q: I would like to wear one of the Recall Gavin Newsom T-Shirts while I collect signatures. This is especially important for me when I stand in front of grocery stores, work through movie lines, etc… How do I order one of these Recall t-shirts?

A: You can click here to order Recall Gavin Newsom, bumper stickers are coming!

Q: The instructions say not to alter the size of the petition. If I print the Adobe Acrobat format of the petition from your website, how do I know if it is the legal size? Will the Secretary of State just dump the ones printed off your web site for being the wrong size?

A: There is no need to worry. The petitions you print will comply with the law so long as they meet the following criteria: The law mandates there must be a 1” margin at the top and a .5” margin at the bottom of the petition. We have already allowed for ample margins in these areas so that any minor offset by your printer should still allow for the necessary margins required by law.

Q: I wanted to know if there was a way my family could sign this petition online?

A: NO! While you may download and print a petition from the Internet, you must sign the actual paper petition. You cannot place an “electronic signature” on a petition as the Secretary of State has indicated these signatures will be deemed invalid. Original documents and signatures only!

Q: I read that you need millions of dollars to qualify this recall. Have you raised that much money? If you don’t, will the effort fail?

A: Just like the Davis recall, the press corporations don’t take into account is that hundreds of thousands of signatures will be gathered from petitions distributed online. This provides a substantial reduction in the costs to the Ran Action Fund Committee to Recall Gavin Newsom. There is no cost to us when someone obtains signatures from petitions downloaded from our website: Like the Davis recall, we still will need to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures through the mail and probably through paid signature gatherers as well. And, we will have to maintain an advertising presence to defend the recall efforts from attacks by Gavin Newsom and his cronies, who are already employing dirty tricks to block our efforts.
For this reason we continue to plead with our supporters to make a contribution – even if you have made one before. We are surviving off of small donor contributions of $10, $35, $50, $100, etc… Obviously, we are NOT in bed with the giant special interests that fund Gavin Newsom’s efforts. That means we must collect thousands of contributions from small donors in order to raise the funds it will take to keep this recall effort alive and successful. Please help us! We really need as many of you to make a contribution to the link below as possible:
If you prefer to mail in a check or money order you may do so to the address below:Make check payable to: "RAN ACTION FUND," Mail to: RAN ACTION FUND, 8690 Aero Drve,  #115-304, San Diego, CA, 92123.

Q: How can I help you obtain even more signatures than those I am collecting on my recall petitions?
Here are the points used in Davis Recall, lets follow their winning example!
A: There are three ways you can help:1) ‘Tell A Friend’ forward our email notices and our send an email notice to someone you know urging him or her to join the Recall effort. Share our web site!2) Take petitions wherever you go. People at stores and shops you frequent are as eager as you are to sign the petition. Take petitions to clubs and organization meetings you attend. If you have some time to set up a card table at your local grocery store, that is another excellent way to get hundreds of signatures.3) You can sign up to volunteer in your area:

Q. Who can sign the petition?

A. Any individual who is legally registered to vote in California may sign the petition to Recall Gavin Newsom. You must only sign the body of the petition once. If you sign multiple petitions, you may invalidate them all.

Q. If I didn’t vote last November, can I still sign the petition?

A. Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you voted in the last election or not. As long as you are a legally registered voter in California, you are eligible to sign the petition. There is a link on California's website: where you can register to vote.
Q. Do I need to be registered to vote to sign the petition? How do I register?

A. Yes, but you can register on the spot if you are not already registered. You must be legally registered to vote in California to sign the petition. Once you register to vote, then you can sign – even if the county clerk has not officially received your new voter registration card. If you fill out a voter registration card (available at post offices and DMV offices), then you can sign the petition as long as you mail the registration card at the same time.
You also can register to vote easily on the Secretary of State’s website
You can also request more information by calling the Secretary of State’s voter information office at:1-800-345-VOTE (8683) 

The Recall Campaign:
Q. Who is behind the recall campaign? Are there two different recall campaigns?

A. There is only one campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, but there are multiple organizations working to make this effort successful. Our official name as filed with the California Secretary of State is RAN Action Fund Committee IN SUPPORT OF THE Recall OF Gavin  Newsom.
Our Chairwoman is Erin Cruz – A California Native, now residing in Riverside County, California - she  is fed up with the games and rip offs going on in Sacramento! She ran for U.S. Senate in 2018, garnering strong partisan and nonpartisan support in her election. A strong Constitutionalist and Tax watchdog, she is continuing on, fighting for the people of California and against the elite, like Gavin Newsom, who are taxing Californians to death and putting citizens and our veterans last.

Q. How will the money be spent on the recall campaign?

A. Just like Davis, There are two principal costs involved in this recall effort: organizing the tens of thousands of Californians who will be volunteer petition circulators and advertising our efforts. We know that Governor Gavin Newsom will be spending tens of millions of dollars to smear the recall effort and anyone who supports it. It will be vitally important for us to be able to raise the funds necessary to respond to his attacks and to continuously remind voters of the lies and deception Davis has used to hide the massive state budget crisis in order to win re-election.
If you are able to make a financial contribution we hope you will take this opportunity right now to visit our secure online contribution site:

Q. Gavin Newsom said that this recall would cost $81 million. Is that true?

A. Not Likely, this recall will more than likely be resulting in a November 2020 election, not a special election. 

Q. If Newsom were recalled, would the Lieutenant Governor then be Governor?

A. No! When Newsom is recalled with sufficient valid signatures, we will have an election with two questions on the ballot. The first question will be whether or not you want to remove Gavin Newsom as Governor, and the second question will be who you want to replace Gavin Newsom as Governor. The Lt. Gov. would be eligible to run in the election to replace Newsom, but so would anyone else. The candidate who receives the most votes on the second question would then become the new Governor

Q. Who are you supporting to replace Gavin Newsom as Governor? Is this recall effort affiliated with any candidate?

A. The goal of our Recall Gavin Newsom Committee is to recall Governor Newsom and remove him from office. Because this is a broad-based coalition encompassing many political parties and ideologies, we are not advocating any individual candidate to replace Newsom. Any of the prospective candidates would do a better job as Governor than Gavin Newsom has demonstrated.

Contributing to the Recall:
Q. I don’t like to contribute online. Where may I mail a contribution?

A. Checks and money orders can be made out to “RAN ACTION FUND” with "Gavin Newsom" in the memo, and sent to: RAN ACTION FUND, 8690 Aero Drve,  #115-304, San Diego, CA, 92123.

Q. Are donations to the Recall campaign tax deductible?

A. No. Political donations are never legally tax deductible. All donations made to the Recall  Committee are governed by California elections law, and will be used solely for the purpose of recalling Gavin Newsom  from office.

Q. Why do you need to know where I work?

A. California elections law requires contributors to indicate their occupation and employer. It is required for campaign contributions to both state and federal offices.Website and Email Questions:

Q. I sent you an e-mail and/or signed up on the website, why haven’t I received a response yet?

A. The good news is that we have received an unbelievable response since we started the recall effort! Our website is overwhelmed in a good way and we have  received tens of thousands of e-mails. We are doing our best to make contact with everyone. Be patient!
Thank you for your support and LETS RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM!


Petitions must comply with the dimensions approved by the California Secretary of State. 

Top margin must be 1 inch, bottom margin must be .5 inch.

Files coming soon.